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tire export worldwide

Used tires and casings?

Our focus is on the wholesale. For us it is important to see what tires and sizes are in your focus. We look forward to your feedback!

You want take a look ?

Our business partners and those who want to be in the future are invited to inspect our tires by themselves, of course. If you send us an inquiry, we are happy to find a suitable date that allows us to devote our full attention to you and your needs.

You can get our tires only in Erlangen

Our corporate headquarters is located in the towns of Nuremberg / Fürth / Erlangen and is a approximately 2 hours drive away from Munich and Stuttgart. For directions, please visit our website or plan your route easy and convenient: google / maps (Schallershofer Straße 108, Erlangen).

Quality Brands Car Tires from Germany

Since 1950 - for over 50 years - we are experienced in the business of tire trade. In all of our tire sales are roadworthy car tires in perfect condition and each one individually tested by our trained personnel according to our high quality standards.

We speak many languages

As an international trading company, you please feel free to contact us in German, English, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, French or Russian.



Neuenweiherstr. 2
D-91056 Erlangen
Telefon: (09131) 920 61 25

Chief Financial Officer - Alliances

0176 / 677 699 69 Klaus D. Riede

Chief Technical Officer - Prices - Sizes on stock
0179 / 52 85 885 Dawar Salik

Chief Operation Officer - Prices - Sizes on stock - Logistics
0179 / 77 30 628 Nasir Salik
0176 / 82 45 65 12 Nawid Salik